Does Penis Size Affect Male Erections?

DeflatedBalloonsWe all have pre-conceived notions about what makes a man impotent or not. One of those has been that the larger the penis, the more likely he is to have erectile problems. Is this true? I have taken the time to research this notion for us to find out if penis size affects male erections. The results may shock you!


What Is Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction(ED)?

Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where a male is unable to obtain a full erection or no erection at all. Under this circumstance the mood can be fully set for intimacy including, but not limited to, sexual intercourse and a man still not be able to produce an erection. Even during instances where an erection is possible, it sometimes results in what have been labeled weak male erections. All normal factors that can come into play, such as physical and mental stimulation, attraction, passion, and even raw intention, but still no full erection. This condition sends false perceptions of lack of attraction and interest which can sometimes ruin otherwise flourishing intimate relationships.

What Factors Into Male Erections?

Male erections stem from three very prominent factors; neural (nervous system), vascular (muscle groups), and bio-molecular (biochemistry/genetic) activity. Basically, your brain transmits the signal to the nervous system of your penis to allow an influx of blood flow through two chambers called corpus cavernosa which is started and stopped through gaseous molecular messengers. These molecular messengers start the blood flow once the penis is relaxed and traps the blood inside while keeping the blood flowing through the two chambers to sustain the erection.  There are other, more descriptive, attributes that cause such things as nocturnal male erections, but we will focus on those pertain to preparedness for sexual intercourse.

What Factors Into Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction(ED)?

This condition stems from several factors including, but not limited to, poor blood flow, poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, sleep apnea, and nerve damage. The occasional male erection problem mostly comes from your diet, stress, lack of sleep and/or exercise, and plain old lack of focus or interest. All of these can be controlled by you to some extent and taken care of before your next intimacy opportunity. The more chronic issues stem more from the biological and anatomical dysfunctions. The most common is poor blood flow. This typically occurs when arteries hardening causing them to narrow and therefore restrict the appropriate amount of blood to flow to your penis. Usually when this is the case, it also keeps you from getting proper blood flow to other parts of your body. There are male supplements and medications available to help open the arteries to resolve this issue.

How Does Penis Size Affect Male Erections?

Through all of the in-depth research I’ve performed around this subject, I have not found a single shred of evidence to support any claims that penis size has anything to do with this condition. So basically, no matter what size it is, your penis should function properly. It could be assumed that a larger one would need more blood flow to become fully erect and stay that way. But, the reality is, the system that internally controls this bodily function will is not designed to create an erection for a penis of a specified size. This means that even if you increase the size of your penis, it will adjust the process to accommodate the new size of your penis.

If you have an above average penis with erectile problems or have a small to average sized penis to you seek male enhancement for, don’t be lead to believe that the size and its functionality are related. If you are experiencing any problems with it, consult with your physician about yours. It has absolutely nothing to with the size of it.