About Me

We have questions that we want answered as quickly and simply as possible. We all go online or pick up a reference book looking to find what we are looking for the first time. That’s where I come in.  I know the frustration of seeking information from a source that doesn’t seem to understand your perspective on the questions you may have. I found myself overwhelmed with useless information on my quest for answers, so I decided to start building sites dedicated to helping people just like me find the necessary information the first time in a manner that doesn’t quite feel like work! Get a chance to laugh and learn. In addition to information, sometimes the question also comes with a problem that needs to be resolved just as much as the question needs to be answered. So I conveniently place products related to the questions with hope that it will save you time from having to find your answer and your solution in two separate places.

I am a college educated, professional man. I am a son and a big brother with several nieces and nephews that I adore(at times!!). I am an avid reader and student of the world. I am a strong believer that the more you know, the more you don’t know. Meaning, as you learn new things as they exist, you find out that there is a whole new arena of information you never knew about associated with it.  So as I continue to learn, I will pass the information down to you. Enough about me. Hope you enjoy the site.

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