Grower? Shower? Which Is Better?

Two urban metaphors often used to personify two different states of a male penis are ‘growers’ and ‘showers.’ This term has brought much speculation on the true adequacy of each male penis. It has brought about some disappointment and pleasant surprises, respectively. Let find out what exactly these terms mean.

In urban vernacular, a grower refers to a seemingly small flaccid penis that extends to an adequate penis. Adequate meaning, at least the average penis length of around 6 in. Growers are extremely misleading to those sexually involved with men. Surprise! Just when you thought you were dealing with someone who wouldn’t be able to please you, the growing begins! Unfortunately, there aren’t any definitive ranges of flaccid penis lengths to outline when and if your dealing with a grower. But I can tell you this, you could be dealing with a flaccid penis that looks to be average to 8 in erect and be very pleasantly surprised to find it far exceeds your expectations.

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In the same community, we have what has been deemed a “show”-er. These are male penises that appear to be adequate when flaccid. These penises typically meet or exceed the average flaccid length of a penis of 3.50 in. Luckily, these penises are almost always perceived as having a pleasurable size on site. These are the ones that can, at times, bring about an element of disapointment. Just because a penis is average sized or better flaccid, doesn’t guaranteed much increase in length or girth upon erection. Sorry people, you can be tricked with this one!

Girth isn’t affected in either of these circumstances. Although, a male penis does have the capability of expanding in width as well as length once erect, it will be more apparent visually whether or not a male penis has good girth. Good girth would refer to at 2in in width on average. Neither the growers or the shower have been reported to have any conflicts when it come to girth. It appears that comparing growers vs shower, the girth is universally adequate.

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Growers vs showers, how do the two compare? Well, lets start with the facts. The difference between flaccid penis length ranges from 0.25in – 3.50in amongst the growers, showers, and normal penises. Also, sex researcher Alfred Kinsey found that the average grower extends two times larger than a shower. This doesn’t mean it will be larger, only that it extends twice as much. This means, its possible to have a grower that extends from around 2in flaccid to around 9in erect vs a shower that extends from around 4.50in flaccid to only 8in erect. Which would you rather have?

The flaccid length could affect a guy’s self esteem. Being a shower does have its benefits over being a grower. When us guys reveal out penis, we expect immediate approval. If your constantly revealing your penis to find your self being laughed at by your mate, there will be a little depletion of your self esteem. And with that goes confidence, pride, and ego. Most males who have above average penises are twice as confident and egotistical as males who don’t. This can be seen any day of the week. That’s what provokes the excessive hyping of the sexual experience prior to intercourse. He knows that he can only impress you psychologically and not physically. But, luckily for growers, he can fulfill his mate after erection.

Going forward, don’t be surprised if your looking at a penis that has full potential of satisfying all of your sexual needs. As it seems, the old adage still holds true in the question growers vs showers, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”