Is Length or Girth Better?

We have some very superficial conversations that often leave one wondering what exactly was meant by some of the words used. For instance, many women speak freely about their preference of a larger penis in the bedroom. But, what is considered “larger” when no one outlines the dimensions of larger. I have taken a second to investigate.

On average, when you speak with someone about what they are looking for in the penis department, larger penises are described as being 8 in or better and thick(meaning girth). But, who’s to say what’s considered “thick” in regards to personal preference? As we all know, what defines perspective in the words of an individual will be strictly based on that individual’s experiences. So I decided to find out the average dimensions of the human vagina and rectum to find out which could be considered better, girth or length.

The average dimensions of a vagina are 10 cm (4 in) deep and 3 cm (1 in) wide, per answersdotcom. We also found from there that the G-spot of a woman is also around 7.5 cm (3 in) deep inside the vagina anterior wall. With the average length of a penis being 5-6 in, the length requirement should easily be met. As for the girth, the average male penis is around 3.2 cm (1.5 in), easily fulfill the width requirements. Neither girth or length falls short with the average penis when penetrating a vagina. But, anything beyond those dimensions will be considered “larger.”

In today’s society, it has become common for people to seek sexual pleasure through the rectum as well. So, I have also gone to wikianswersdotcom and sought out the average dimensions for the rectum also. Surprisingly, the average length is 10 – 15 cm (3.5 – 5.91 in) and 1.2 to 3.5 cm (1 -1.5 in). This gives it very similar dimensions to a vagina. The main difference is, the erogenous zone of the rectum is much closer to the entrance at between 3.2 – 4 cm (1.5 – 2 in). This consists of a process known as ‘milking the prostate’ occurs by stimulating a sensory area which is linked to the prostate. A primary source of pleasure in both men and women. In this instance, I think it’s safe to say one would enjoy more girth than length.

Pain is pleasure. It has become a phenomenon that has tainted the perceptions of many people across the world when it comes to sex. Many pleasure seekers would agree that in order for them to be fully satisfied sexually, there must be an element of pain involved. That is why so many women (and men) have resorted to stigmatic requests such as hair pulling and choking as part of their sexual regimen. With that being said, intercourse with larger penises also becomes part of the frenzy for painful sex. We already outlined the average dimensions of the vagina and rectum, so sex with an organ or object that is larger than that will inflict some pain. This creates the need for men to be able to provide a massive penis, both in length and girth, for ultimate pleasure in the bedroom.

From an anatomical perspective, an average size penis would be enough to satisfy a person sexually. Average length and girth will reach the necessary erogenous zones. I have heard it said on many occasions that people prefer to have all walls of either the vagina or the rectum at all size. This leans towards girth. And, I’ve also heard it said that its better when it protrudes past the length of the vagina. This leans towards length. But, there is of course an ‘X’-factor in it all, personal preference. So in the end, whether the receiver prefers girth or length, their choice is what’s better.