Does Penis Length Affect Ejaculation Distance?

Long SquirtI’m sure the majority of us have indulged in an adult movie or two (or three). In those movies, there are many times you’ve seen the scene end with the man shooting a stream of ejaculate (cum) across the room. Of course, most adult movie stars have those huge penises and you may feel that the size affected the ejaculation distance. This may or may not be true, let’s examine.

Longer Launchpad                     

In theory, the longer the space to build up speed and velocity the farther any projectile should go, right? Under the assumption that the ejaculate is being forced out of your penises urethra the entire way out, this should easily create an extended ejaculation distance. This theory is very valid due to the fact that with consistently increasing force behind anything that has a longer amount of space to build up speed should go further once ejected or ‘launched.’ But, the question is, could length be the most dominant factor in the ‘launch’ distance?

More Launchpad Means More Time

Could the time it takes the ejaculate to escape the penis take away from the ejaculation distance? This makes the length of the penis a possible hindrance in your goal of being able to splatter the wall from the foot of the bed! Keep in mind that the ejaculate is a mixture that comes from two separate places before starting on the path to freedom. So, if the dominant factor in the distance is in fact the length, this could pose a problem unless you have more seminal fluid than the average guy. This way, the length and the time would work in favor of the ejaculate being launched further since the fluid from the base of the penis should be pushing the rest from the bottom of the urethra.

The Launchpad Angle May Make a Difference

Could the penis angle position during orgasm affect the ejaculation distance? Well, this could be analyzed two different ways. One, you could be referring to a penis curvature which could potentially pose a problem. Or, you could be referring to the angle that the straight penis is positioned. In the instance of the penis curvature, your concern could be that the bobsled ride the ejaculate will take in the curves could reduce some distance from the longer penis. Do you see this as a possibility? Penile length could also give it enough distance to rebuild speed and still shoot out far. As far as the penis angle of a straight one, it has been proven through physics that any object with a good trajectory angle has a better chance of traveling further than one that doesn’t.  This concept may work in favor of a longer penis.

What Truly Affects Ejaculation Distance

The truth is the length, ejaculate travel time, or penis angle has very little to do with the ejaculation distance. What all of these had in common is the key factor the in process, velocity. So, what would give your cum velocity you may ask? The answer is the force created by your penis muscles. Regardless of your penis’ size, you can take control of those muscles and shoot ejaculate upwards of 15 feet. What’s recommended is flexing your penis muscles during the pre-orgasm spasm and push concurrently with your body’s natural reaction to orgasm. Another huge factor is semen amount. Semen is the heavier of the fluid emitted during this process. So, the more of it you have, the further your ejaculate will go. This has been related two things; elapsed time since your last ejaculation and internal blockage. Spaced out sexual encounters can increase seminal volume thus extending your ejaculation.

So, the final answer is ‘No,’ penis length doesn’t affect ejaculation distance. All of the above mentioned factors impact this process slightly. But, neither is dominant enough to make a substantial difference. So, don’t be lead to believe our penis is either too long or too short to splatter the walls.