The Normal Penile Length

I think all Men have the burning desire to know if he is adequate in the penis department. The only way to know that, without taking your own survey (which I don’t advise!! Ha Ha!), is to do some research and find out what penis average sizes are. So, let’s get into it. I’ve done a general search for you. Your welcome!!

12in Ruler

There are average penis sizes for flaccid(limp) penis’ and for erect penis’. From, the average flaccid penis length is around 3.5 in and the average for an erect penis is around 5 in for an adult. concludes that the average flaccid penis is around 3.5 in and the average erect penis is between 5 – 6 in for an adult. So, I would conclude that a normal flaccid penis is about 3.5 in and the median for the average erect penis is around 5.5 in for an adult male. These should be considered the normal length.

There is also an average erect penis length by age. The best scale that I found was listed on It shows as follows(in inches):

12 yrs: 2.3″
13 yrs: 3.4″
14 yrs: 3.9″
15 yrs: 5.1″
16 yrs: 5.4”
17 yrs: 5.7″
18 yrs: 5.9″
19 yrs: 6.0″
20 yrs and over: 6.1″

This should wake up any of us that feel as though we are able to compete with other adult men if we have anywhere between 5 – 6 inches! There are 16 year olds out there that can potentially satisfy adult women!

As men, we tend to forget that women also have an average length or depth in vagina also. has it listed as averaging between 4-6 in. Now that’s comforting. But, it says the more aroused a female gets, the deeper it gets. So, the puts all heterosexual men back in the same boat again. You can either not arouse her(unlikely!!) or keep tabs on your penile length in regards to the lady of your choice.

In the end, the average length of penis is in stone. But, how that relates to your partner varies. Your lady could have a vagina that can’t accommodate a full length average penis or larger. But, it would be better to know than not know. Hope this helps.